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Allegheny Waterway and Wetland Splendors

Allegheny Waterway and Wetland Splendors


“If there is any doubt in your mind that photographs can be works of art as stunning and compelling as any painting, this collection will erase it”

- Peter Greene – The News-Herald – October, 2004

“Photos from all along the Allegheny River (from Potter County to the Monongahela) and the results are breathtaking. . . If you’ve ever found yourself at a museum staring into an Ansel Adams print for minutes on end, you’re sure to love Karian’s work. His Pennsylvania is a ravishing one, full of fog-bound river rocks and snowy evergreens”

- Dan Morey – Erie Times-News – March 6, 2005

“The Allegheny River, with all its wetlands and tributaries, is often a misty, sorrowfully beautiful place. Western Pennsylvania nature photographer Karian captures the most unexplored parts of the area with his rendering of strikingly lush photography, taking viewers along with him as he worships his homeland with his lens”

- Pittsburgh Magazine – March, 2005

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